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Apr 18

The train is the world. We the humanity. 

Otherwise known as The Human Race Is Horrible: The Movie.

(It’s great, actually, but oh lord.)



In which Jaime required coffee in order to sit through the wedding vows. [x]


Can’t get over this.

The question is, will they try and CGI it out for the DVD release?

ETA: Also, it’s possibly kind of sad that I recognized the design of the cup. I guess they have Segafredo in Croatia, not Starbucks.

Apr 16




Here’s the link for more information about the PS244 fundraising campaign

Here’s the link to the GIVE IT ALL TO ME Library Collection at OutofPrintClothing.com.

Check it out! The good folks dropped me a line about this project last week, and I’m happy to boost for Library Week.

Signal boost

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Apr 15

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Apr 14

Last GoT post for the day, I swear.

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Mark Ruffalo and Matt Bomer in The Normal Heart

I want to watch this a lot and at the same time I’m really not sure if I can watch it at all.

I’m glad it exists, though.

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Diana Rigg’s performance as Olenna Tyrell is basically perfection.

(Also, Sansa’s tiny, “oh my gods someone was nice to me” not-quite smile in the last gif there…!)

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