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Dec 16

One Week One Band—The Whole List






Total posts: 31 
(Average: 6 posts/day.)

Approximate word count for the week: over 8,000.
(Average: 258 words/post, but the longer ones clocked in at around 500-700, and the shorter ones at 100 or so.)

Change in follower count at OWOB: 13,268 when I made my first post on Monday, 13,689 when I made my last post on Friday.
(Debatable how much credit I can take, but the important thing is that I didn’t cause a net loss.)

Thanks, everyone. If you’ve been following along, I hope you enjoyed it. And because it bears repeating: thank you, Bruce, for all your help. None of this would have ever happened without you.

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    Whew, that was pretty incredible. I can’t thank Karin enough for such a fantastic effort, it was a pleasure to follow...
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