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Dec 23
“It makes me sit and wonder: do our politicians, our policy makers, bankers and other millionaires, billionaires and tax-avoiders (none of which, of course, are mutually exclusive categories and quite a few of which are exactly the reverse) never feel this way? Do they never have moments when the weight of their astonishing luck makes them buckle at the knees and fall to the ground in gratitude? I suppose not. It can only be by thinking yourself entirely responsible for your own fortune that you can think of all those who are poorer, less successful or less independent of the state as personally responsible for theirs. Thus they deserve punitive policies and sanctions designed to remedy their immorality and sloth.

A moment’s honest thought, that’s all it takes. I wager that you’ll agree, because I wager you have them yourself. It would take an inhuman, almost sociopathic degree of arrogance and lack of imagination not to. So, dear leaders, if you could give us that moment – pop it in the national stocking, why not? – it would be the best present ever. Merry Christmas.”
Lucy Mangan, “The luck of the draw”

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