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May 21
“Furthermore, if you are mature for your age (to quote every school report I ever received), you are likely to turn to books for solace. And although this, again, has unsought, largely academic, advantages, books age you, too. They render it even harder to live in the moment. It is difficult to surrender to an adolescent crush or a first love when you have already experienced a million of them secondhand.

It’s good for your ego – by which I mean it pulverises it into little bits and makes you much more pleasant company in the years to come – but at certain times in your life, you need to feel that you and your feelings are unique. Instead, I always knew that anything I was feeling had happened a hundred times before, had been and would be repeated down the generations, that it was neither important nor permanent. “This, too, shall pass,” has been my motto from the age of eight. If you are too old for your age, you have a wearying double perspective. Being able to look back on your youth as it unfolds is as sure a way to strip the pleasure from it as you could hope to find.”

Lucy Mangan in "Act your age—or your shoe size?" in the Guardian.

I don’t quite agree with this 100%, but I certainly can relate. Boy, can I ever.

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