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Aug 18

Aug 5


For your enjoyment: Malcolm Tucker ‘running’… Although I’m not sure that’s the correct word for it…

Look on this well, fellow Who fans; this is what will be fleeing from Daleks, Cybermen, etc. in the very near future.

Apr 26

Feb 16

Aug 20

Malcolm Tucker is just the thing you need when you’re in a humanity-disliking mood.

"D’you know what you sounded like? You sounded like a fucking Nazi Julie Andrews!"

"You say nothing, okay? You stay detached, or that’s what I’ll do to your retinas."

"You get sarcastic with me again and I will stuff so much cotton wool down your fucking throat it’ll come out of your arse like the wee tail on a Playboy Bunny."

"Not the time, luv. I’m busy. Fuck off!"

"Fetus-boy. Lesson one. I tell you to fuck off, what do you do?" "Er. Eff off?" "You’ll go far. Now fuck off."

Aug 19
“Washington turned out to be no less starry-eyed. On a fact-finding mission, Iannucci found himself speaking to Joe Biden’s chief of staff. ‘And he was saying, “One of the pleasures of this job is, every now and then, you get to meet interesting people. I mean, I was so excited last week when we had a reception and Bradley Whitford [who plays Josh Lyman] from The West Wing came.” And I’m just thinking, “But you are him. You are him.” They forget what their position is.’”

From “In the Loop: Malcolm Tucker Hits the Big Screen

(The commentary within this piece about US-UK relations is what really makes the piece interesting. Also hilarious for us American Anglophiles is Peter Capaldi’s comment on the American actors they worked with: “just so witty and sharp, and they speak with American accents, which is always very impressive”.)

Aug 18
Yeah, this is pretty much my new favourite movie.

Yeah, this is pretty much my new favourite movie.

“Who’s not going to pay money to see a man from Glasgow telling Tony Soprano where he can stick it?” Chris Addison, discussing In the Loop

Aug 17

From The Thick of It: Malcolm Tucker explains his own version of Murphy’s Law.

Warning: contains language. Lots and lots of language.